opinions on bearings, gasket set, thrust washers etc.

ok what i have in mind is built b18A1 running in the 20 psi range with cams, P&P, stock to 10:1 compression ratio (great tune will be needed i know)

im going wiseco pistons, eagle rods, cometic head gasket, and ARP fasteners the ones im curious about is what would the b18 guru’s recommend for bearing set, thrust washer, overhaul gasket set, etc.

and really any other recommendations with who/where to buy parts through






if not OEM im a fan of the ACL Race bearings which you can get all from fjdistributors.com for 100


ACL however is a pretty good substitute for the bearings.

so i should just go with an OEM gasket overhaul set then???

and ACL was an option i was concidering thanks :rockon:

Scrap the acl idea use oem bearings. If u look em up ull see that they are color coded for install designed to work at it’s best possible way in ur lower end.

my acura dealer here locally can’t get the overhaul gasket kit…any suggestions on that?