Opinions on LS/VTEC in a 92 GS-R

Ok… my 92 GS-R has 210,000 miles on it and decided to throw a rod. Now I can get a complete B18A out of my friends car that he took out for a fully built LS/VTEC for $300. Now the question is, what would be your guys’ recommendation on the best beast that I could make out of a B17a & a B18a.

I am going to have to use the B17a head and all the Intake and Valvetrain, but the questions start arising w/ the bottom end. I have been told that putting the pistons out of my B17a into the B18a block would yeild a higher compression ratio, which I would like to end up with. and I am going to have the head checked for being warped and all, and replace the valve springs while Im there. New water pump, timing belt, ARP head studs, and new bearings where needed are goign to be used, so take this into consideration. And possibly ARP rod bolts and whatever other ARP studs that they make for a B18a. I can get ARP products at a hella deal, so Im thinking Durability there.

Or is there any other setup that you would do using the B17a Crank in that would yield a nice rod/stroke ratio? I have head that a B20 block w/ a B17a crank yields a nice r/s ratio while de-stroking the engine to 1.8l. Losing displacement isin’t a problem with me, I would rather have another Engine that will go 200,000 miles and I know that a LS/VTEC is kinda shakey in the high revs.

Or… Just fix the hole in the block, freshen the B17a, and new rods? The B17a has made me happy so far, but time and hard driving took its toll.

I have a VERY nice base to start on (already a VTEC car, B17a is one hell of an engine & an extra engine to play with), so any of these combinations is possible. Im just looking for reliable horsepower and torque, so Im basically looking for some opinions here and Im wanting opinions of you out there that know more than I do. I have done seaches on here, but nothing comes up to what Im wanting to know…too many options. So lemm know



What are your goals for the car? Are you going to go to the track or is it strictly for going to and from work?

You have a very tough decision to make. Your crank is a goldmine, but an ideal rod/stroke ratio is not a major factor when making a NA car. If you plan to go turbo, have a ball and find a b20 block and mate that with your b17 head and crank.

If you just want to get the thing running again, buy a b16 block, and use your existing internals. Thepartstrader.com is flooded with cheap b16 blocks. Replace the bearings, bolts, and call it a day.

I would hate to be in your shoes. I am having enough trouble with what I want to do with my extra b18 sitting in my garage. Good luck :smiley:

Well, just like my sig says, I’m going B20VTEC. I’m using Goldend Eagle Sleeves and boring them out to 86mm which will put me in the 1.9L area. To do the B20 VTEC set up, you’ll need to buy custom rods. the “perfect r/s” ratio comes from the custom rod length. The B20 has the tallest deck height of all B-Series motors. Because of this you can use longer rods. I’m using a bigger bore, so I’ll need custom pistons too.

The B20VTEC set up is kind of exensive in the end. I’m going that route cause its the best all motor set up, in my opinion. Let me know if you have any other questions.

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