Opinions On Suspension Set Up

Got my suspension set up figured out, want some opinions. Car is a daily driver and weekend track car.

DC Trailing Arms
Skunk2 Front Camber Kit
Wicked Tuning Toe Kit
Wicked Tuning Camber Kit
Blox Rear Trailing Arm Bearing (DC)
Blox LCAs
Stock Front Sway Bar
Progress 24mm Rear Sway Bar
Custom Sub Frame Brace
Custom Front Lower Tie Bar
EM Racing Strut/Tie Bars
EM Racing C Pillar Bar
Fender Braces
New Spring Rates and valving For Teins (14K Front/18K Rear)
Full Poly Bushings
Drag DR20s In 16x7 (with some crazy offset)
Falken rubber


I personally don’t see the need for the fender braces and FLTB (but since you’re going all-out anyway why not?), and there’s no real need for toe on the streets so make sure your allignment shop is good. I’m assuming Azenis for tires? I hope your roads are REALLY nice or you’re going to want another DD… should be sick on a track. What have you done to your brakes?

The FLTB I can make easily enough with some chromoly tube and hiem joints.

Likely Aziens.

Brakes I’m not sure. I was thinking ITR 5 bolt but the I can’t run the Drags. I guess I could do the 4x114 conversion.

the RTA bushings seem like overkill for a DD. Everything else sounds fine, spring rates high, but that’s just a personal preference for DD.

Stock brakes with good pads and SS lines will be plenty good for starters. Work on your driving skills, get out there on the track as much as possible and don’t do anymore upgrades until something on the car becomes a weak link, until you absolutely cannot lower your laptimes by driving better…

I’d also put the Hankook RS2’s on your tire list. Very comparable to the Azenis. You can read up on the differences and pros/cons between them. I will be running the Hankooks on my track car and we ran them on our LeMons race DA - they performed marvelously.

Oh, I won’t the brakes till I run the set up around the track a few times.

After that I’m doing legend front calipers, prelude rotors, SS lines up front and DC stuff out back.

Alignment values? Also, are there any class regulations?

It’s open track so no classes.

Haven’t thought about alginment yet.