i have had my 93 ls for labout 2 months now, when i purchased it i noticed that the hood had paint dings on it, from rocks or whatever, and that the passenger door has a dent (right where the handle is) and it is rusted there

that is the only NOTICABLE problems with the exterior of my car

do u guys this i should JUST repaint the hood and fix the rust, or what?

how does it work, can i have them fix the rust and then, somehow, clearcoat the entire car, or do something to make the paint bright again???

right now it look like this:

what do u guys think??



If you just get the hood and door fixed and painted, it’s likely that you’ll notice kind of a checkerboard effect on the car, even if they color match quite well. Depending on HOW well they color match, you might find that a high speed polish on the rest of the car would kind of even everything out. It wouldn’t really be a good idea to just clearcoat the rest of the car, as it won’t really have anything to stick to, and it will probably just peel or flake off before long.

Depending on how much cash you have, either get the whole car painted, or just get it polished and see how it turns out.