Original Stanley one piece headlight H4H socket

Desperate plea for sockets. I have a '90 DA9 LS that has Stanley one piece headlights. The prior owners managed to throw out the sockets that fit into the headlight housing as well as the bulbs. The harness is still in the car. I have sourced some H4H Stanley bulbs on Yahoo Auctions Japan (link to bulbs:) https://page.auctions.yahoo.co.jp/jp/auction/l1020782161

Does anyone have 2 extra H4H sockets for the one piece headlights? Not the bulb nor the harness, but the actual socket to which the bulbs gets placed in and has a male connection on the rear to plug into the female harness of the car. It cannot be an H4 socket that I could pull from any junkyard car, as it will not fit without grinding some edges on the socket, after which it will not seat properly.

If so, please tell me a price. I will pay for shipping and everything.

P.S. I’ve checked everywhere I could possibly think. Groups like this are the last place I can think of.