original struts (still good?)

Hey guys,
My car (which has 185K miles) still has the original struts & springs. (Unlike many of you I am not really interested in modifying my car, just keeping it on the road. I have found lots of great info on these boards about how to fix many little problems I have had too. Keep up the good work). :slight_smile:
Anyway, I was wondering–what is the life expectancy of original struts? I’ve had the car for four years, and it seems to ride just fine. It does not bounce excessively going over bumps, tire wear is normal, and it passes the traditional “push down on the bumper and see if the car rebounds more than once” test. Do you think getting new struts would improve the ride? By the time I got this car it was already almost 10 years old so I don’t know what it rode like when new. Any opinions would be welcome. Thanks.


Your shocks may not be blown, but they are most likey worn. The short answer is, yes, a new set would most likely help.

A set og KYB GR2’s or Tokico Blues would not set you back too far and your ride/control will be better. You would even see a difference with a fresh set of Monroe’s.