OT: B16A in EF

Just wondering if anyone here has any experience doing the swap. Its for a friend, we’re considering a project. TIA

If it’s a CRX/Civic HF or Si then it’s pretty easy. If it’s a CRX/Civic DX with throttle body injection, then there’s a little more wiring involved. Can’t remember the stuff with the axles but I think it’s only the HF that needs some creativity.

You sure? I asked on honda-tech and everybody refers to hasport mounting kit, $449 US!! The engine is going to cost us roughly 800, car about 1500, and mounts for 450 seems a little pricey and makes it not worth it. I’m trying to find the most cost effective way of dropping this motor in the car. We have access to any tools necessary, can weld & cut mounts in place if necessary.

I made no mention of mount kits because… they’re mount kits. If you don’t have them then you are relocating the chassis mounts.

Have you done the swap before? Which chassis mounts need to be hacked?

Don’t forget the custom shift linkage. The standard CRX shift linkage will not work. They run about $175 for the modified ones. I’m doing the B16A swap into my 89 CRX Si here in about a month. List of parts needed…

HASport mounts
Custom linkage
B16A w/ S1 cable tranny

Things I’m going to do…

New timing belt
New Water pump
New Thermostat
New ITR valve springs
CTR cams
Mugen Chip
NGK Copper Plugs
NGK Wires

The whole swap with all I’m doing is going to cost close to $2200…but it will be FUN!!!

Elmer could you please elaborate. My lillte bro just bought a 89DX hatch and the b16 from my teg needs to go in their. We picked up a 90-91 LS harness, he’s gonna need a pr3 or pwo ecu, 90-91 dist, axles, shift linkage, trans, and of course mounts. My question is does he need integra spindles? How is the axle situation? And I need any in for you may have on the wiring a 91 b16a into a 89 Dx hatch…TIA

Thanx bro,

Thank you Dan for mentioning the shift linkage. :wink:

The mount that you’re going to have to hack is the tranny side. If my horrible memory serves me correctly, you would have to move it down and towards the front of the carl. You would only have to use a mount from a DA Integra and move it over one bolt over for the rear crossmember. You could have the front crossmember rewelded to work but most people usually don’t. This is probably the most difficult way of fitting a B series motor in an EF chassis, since you have to be precise in welding the mount. Doing this would actually place the motor a bit close to the firewall and is not the true SiR location.

Some people have gone as far as re-welding both mounts, driver and passenger side to allow for true SiR location of the motor. This is even more difficult and time consuming since you have to elevate the motor in the engine bay and measure and weld. Difficult to say the least unless you have done this many times and know where to locate these mounts. You would also need an SiR hood for this since US hoodlines won’t clear for SiR locations.

I can’t say how easy mount kits make b-series swaps in an EF chassis. A little pricey but with the amount of time and manpower saved, I’d say it’s worth it.

Josh: Integra hubs would solve your problem with the axles. I think it was the pre-91 EF DX’s and EF’s that had the goofy axle problems. If you don’t go with hubs then you’re going to have to hybrid DA axles with the proper outer CV joint for an EF. Make sure you you have the injector ballast resistor with your Integra harness… which I’m VERY unsure if it’s going to fit or not. I’m sure you can find more thorough infromation on the net like on the hybrid board or one of the CRX resource boards.