Our East Coast G2IC memebers alright?

Looking at aftermath pictures (link below) is just appalling. Hope you guys/girls and your DA on the east coast are okay.


Doin fine.

No power and will be without it for days. Most towns around here have some or total loss of power. Otherwise ok. Food and batteries ok for now but heading west tomorrow in search of supplies.

watch out for zombies.

Good luck, I know my stores were pretty bare Sunday And Monday. We didn’t even get hit that bad this time. Made me consider getting some stuff for the next one. I didn’t even have a flashlight…

Too late. So many people ill equipped to hamdle roads with damaged or missing traffic signals. On a positive note got a big hug from this hot chick i worked with in highschool saw her at the quickcheck that lost its front signage.

big hug = she hugged your penis with her rectum?

Damn you… Such comedy.

glad everyone is checking in…curious…anyone hear of the damage in CT?! i have an aunt up that way i cant get in contact w/ her because her phones are now off because of the storm i’m guessing

One of my trees broke by the trunk and fell. I lost some roof shingles. I feel lucky. I didn’t know what to expect with these wood-framed houses when I’m so used to block homes in Florida.

Jea I’m good thanks for asking prolly might get floods cuz I’m surrounded by rivers