Over cooling issue, Can this be a bad thing?

I am currently running and been running for about a year now a fluidyne radiator, Spoon fan switch and a spoon thermostat, When I top off the coolant every week or two, the temperature(stock) reads between 1/4 and just below the halfway point(normal operating temp). On a cold night if i am on the highway, Sometime it will dip even lower than that. I am only concerned w this because i know as an engine heats up, internal part expand and contract as the natural property of metal. Any thoughts as to if this over cooling is hurting my engine.

I have thought about this before myself. I know someone that ran without a thermostat and ran it cool. I think the motor is designed to run at least at somekind of warm temp. I wonder if the computer reacts any differently since the engine is cold? Are you running turbo? If not then why not run a regular thermostat? Then if it runs a little cool it won’t matter as much. I wouldn’t want my car to run too cold myself.

You probably don’t need it as much since you are in Colorado, I’m in GA and it gets hot as hell over here.

i have stock cooling and my temp almost drops to fully cold when im on the freeway at night… i dont know why it does this, i want to change the thermostat but i cant get to the thermostat housing bolts :gay:

I would asume that the ecu read the tw sensor and the AIT sensor and compensates for it some how, But you know what they say( assumpsion are the mother of all fuck ups). I am not running a turbo as of yet, But due time my friend, I still have to finish rebuilding my other engine in my garage.