Over Heating problems.

well once i changed the B16 head to another that i had but the reason why i did this cuz the other head had aftermarket internals so i did the switch. But before i did that i resurfaced the head just to make sure, but once we put the head back on, well it started to over heat. Well the headgasket look good no cracks or nothing but my next option is do ya think it is my water pump? and its a ls water pump on my lsvtec setup.

i would suggest u use a vtec water pump (itr)

what about a B16 water pump u think that will work or its the same part number?

im not sure its the water pump because my ls/vtec has a gsr oil pump and ls water pump and it doesnt overheat (except when the fan doesnt work) did you use a new head gasket or did you reuse your old one? also did you use new head studs or did you use the old ones as well? you are suppose to replace both upon chaning the head

well i have arp head bolts and studs and i did reused the headgasket but it looks to be fine no cracks on it.

the thing with headgaskets is that they’re a crush gasket, once they are tightened down and used once, they’re pretty much done for. Even if the gasket looks ok, it might not seal properly

its your headgasket, it isnt sealing properly, so my suggestion would be to pick up a new one and that should solve your problem

ill do that and thanx for the info.

ur headgasket i woulnd never use the same one but hey if it worked u wouldnt have a prob but since it didnt just replace it thats why its overheating.