overheating problem!...help

so my car started overheating like mad…after like 10 minutes of driving it almost hits red…

anyways im assuming its the thermostat…

here are some symptoms

upper radiator hose gets very hot while the lower one is almost cold…

if i removed the thermostat all together and started the engine and the car didnt overheat…would this pretty much say that its the thermostat?

Well, there is a thermostat test procedure in the Helms manual. It involves boiling the thermostat in some water and using a thermometer to determine the temperature your thermostat is opening at, if it’s even opening at all. Hope this helps.

If it were me, I wouldn’t even bother testing the thermostat, it’s a pretty cheap part to buy anyways. It will eventually need changing in the near future if it is still the OEM one. Let’s just say it’s preventative maintenance.

And I wouldn’t recommend removing the thermostat entirely, 'cause then your engine won’t get to reach it’s proper operating temperature if it keeps getting cooled down with the coolant.

Yep it’s the thermostat… I have the same problem because I notice that my needle hits the red and gradually goes back down. Thermostats are fairly cheap like couple bucks at a local automotive store but I’d recommend picking up an OEM from a dealer. I still need to get mine replaced :stuck_out_tongue:

Let me know if that fixes your problem

damn…still no luck yo

well, replaced the thermo and still overheating…i think it might be the water pump…god…im sick of riding my goped around in 20 degree weather!..

What are the pros/cons of a Mugen thermostat?

im also having the same problem, but im getting antifreeze smoke. somehow, from somwhere its leaking and i dont konw how to find it. i think i need to get iunder the car adn jsut start it up and see what else happens.Also, are you referring to the thermostat cap the one tha’s like $30-40 from spoon or mugen? i know they have them www.inlinefour.com check em out if thats what yer talking about. anyone know what could be my problem.

also: when i was just sitting in traffic my oiltemp went way up but then when i started again it started to go back down. first time that’s ever happened. thanks again guys. seeya.

BLEED THE SYSTEM… on level ground with the engine warm and running, slowly loosen the bleeder valve (on the front of the engine next to where the upper rad hose mounts)loosen it slowly until all the air comes out and the coolant flows out without bubbles… you probably have a big air pocket trapped in the sustem! GOod luck.

(by the way, overheating is almost NEVER due to waterpumps… usually waterpumps should be replaced when they leak (or when doing the timing belt-preventative maintenance))

hey i had the same prob im mag 90 integ…that little bastard thermo blew mah radiator…125 fora full metal one at sf radiator factory…very nice radiators i must add…but i completely left it out…u guys might be saying what about the fan switch…i made my own…and im using red line water wetter…this stuff is amazing…just water and this stuff…watch ur temp go down…way down on the freeway…so u want to remove it just get sum wires and splice it into the fan harness…