overheating problem

my 90 integra almost overheated today. it didn’t get to the red but it was going there. thank god i was by my house .

I opened the hood this hose pictured looked like it was going to explode,now the hose feels soft. I have water in my radiator all the way to the top. I have no idea why its overheating.

I’m thinking its the headgasket???

change thermostate


You should check to see if the fan is coming on? I don’t think it is your headgasket, there would be other symptoms. verify no leaks ensure the fan is coming on, and then check your thermostat. There is a coolant temperature switch that is really close to the oil filter, make sure it is plugged in, especially if you recently changed the oil, it could also be faulty. Get back with some updates. HTH

I been driving the car for about 5 months now with no problems a week ago i had a coolant leak in the back I replaced one hose and then next week another hose started to leak,both of these hoses looked like they were going to explode,I replaced them and now this hose is doing the same. I replaced the radiator cap and it seems ok now. not sure for how long tho.



Feel all your hoses. If they feel soft or “look like they are about to explode” change them. What’s the odometer read. I bet those are the original hoses. It’s about time.

Oh, and do yourself a favor, get rid of all stock hose clamps and replace them with these

the odometer reads 174,xxx. I will be changing that hose tomorrow…yes it feels soft now. thanks for the help.

time to replace your thermostat.

how hard is it to DIY on the thermostat?

is there a page on here?


It’s pretty easy. Just two bolts, I think. Pay attention to how it was sitting in the housing.

Search around a bit, I found this pretty quick:read:


Here’s another one

http://www.autozone.com/autozone/repairinfo/common/repairInfoMain.jsp?targetPage=productsHowToInspect&leftNavPage=productsHowTo&pageId= 0900c15280213e83&subtitle=replace