owned by side makes

well, it all stared wen i got some stanley side markes off ebay by $10 (shipped of course!) and got to my car anfd to relize that the hole i made for the previous side makes are too big so what are my options?

get new fenders since that one is kinda smashed by the door, unless thats a shadow. you probably could weld in a filler peice then recut it but that would take a good deal of work, and would need repainted.

i’ll try to get new fenders (they are rare in the junkjards) but the paint is my concern, since is a custom color, it dosen’t have a color code, so i’ll prob going to paint the car all over again.or can i get somethig or somewere that can get a paint as closely as mine?

a autobody shop…a decent auto body shop should be able to color match your car and paint the fenders for a reasonable price. My brother had a custom dodge dakota and got a roll pan painted to match for $50 in MD. I don’t know how prices down there are though.

if you can find a rubber peice big enough to fit in the hole…you can mount the signal in that and install it. It would look like it just has a surround.

but shittt… 10 bucks i need me some of these signals too on my new g2 i just got yesterday.

yep 10 bucks, i got lucky i guess…
plastic… that’s interesting, what kind of plastic?