Oxygen Sensor question HELP!!!

Hey gang, have a question about 02 sensors. My friend is putting a OBD-1 B16a into his CRX and he needs to replace the O2 sensors (2 total). They are both single wire sensors and the plugs are different. The one on the exhaust manifold looks like the same as our B18a sensor, but the one on the A-pipe has a different connector, it’s rectangle, not round. It’s actually a 2 wire rectangle plug with only one wire to the sensor. Any help with brands/part numbers/info regarding this would be GREATLY APPRECIATED!

anyone? Help please?!

are you getting another wiring harness and ecu? Only worry about what the ecu needs. Don’t worry about what O2 sensors are already there. I put a B16a in my '92 and it came with an exhaust manifold with two one wire sensors. I didn’t use them. I used my stock exhaust with one, 4 wire, sensor that the ecu needed. Everything works fine.

Do you know anyone that has the two 1-wire 02 sensors hooked up and what part they bought to replace them? I’d like to keep the two sensors (stock setup) but need to replace the sensor’s. thanks for any info!