P/s pulley?? Fluidyne crank pulley

I put a fluidyne harmonic dampner (crank pulley) on my car and it runs a serpentine belt for power steering vs the oem style. I remember someone knowing a unorthodox p/s pulley that would work for this problem. Please help if you know the part number or another company that makes the pulley! Thanks

Bump. please help.

as far as i understand it you are correct.
i am in search for the cheapest Unorthodox ps pulley right now.
so that i can use my G2 Ps pump with my G3 jdm b18


it will probably be the pulley for a 94-01 integra or a 92 and up civic. They use the serpentine belt.

There belt system is identical to ours, 1 for alt., 1 for AC and 1 for PS… I thought a serpentine belt was a single belt that ran all accessories…