p30 pistons in a B17

I’m currently re-building a B17, and I keep seeing seemingly cheap upgrades, such as the JDM B16 p30 piston/rod. I’ve been searching around on this and my take is that I can drop the stock p30 rods/pistons into my block, no work necessary. It also looks like I’ll be at 11-11.4:1 compression ratio. I might need my head milled, if so where does the milling put me? What other issues might I face with that compression ratio? I already only run 93 octane in my Gs-rs’, $.20 more a gallon is nominal at $3.50 a gallon.

Cliff notes: What do I have to do to use p30 rods/pistons in my B17?

you need to use the b17 rods. otherwise you should be fine with the p30 pistons

How about rings? I have a set for the B17 pistons on order, could I use those? I don’t have the specs for rings for a p30.

Other than rods, these are plug and play? Do I need new wrist pins? Could I reuse the B16 or B17 pins?

As stated before, just stick the pistons on your stock rods. This is the setup I’m using. If you are using oversized pistons and no milling your CR will be pretty close to exactly 11:1, but no more. Standard size will be ever so slightly less.

Old wrist pins should be fine, I didn’t get new ones, and I don’t think most people do either.

As for the rings, I’m pretty sure the b16a and b17a rings are the same, but it would be safe to check part numbers.

I have NAPA rings on order. Part # crosses all B series engines… I hope it’s not like bearings. I will be getting all Honda bearings…I’m worried about head gasket and head bolts now…

b16a and b17a head gaskets are the same. GET OEM.

Head bolts are the same as well. You do not need to buy new ones. They should be good for a couple of uses, of course it won’t hurt to get new ones. But again, if you get new ones GET OEM (or better).

I personally do not like to use any non OEM parts unless they have shown themselves as better than OEM. Some parts from NAPA may be very close to OEM quality, but others are going to be of substantially lower quality.

I prefer to use OEM also, there is a reason there are minute differences in bearings. As far as I am concerned, my experience has shown me that Fel-pro gaskets are equivalent to OEM, and that their head gaskets exceed OEM quality. I can’t wait to get all my parts back from various shops and put this thing together…

sounds like you’ll have a nice setup.

any plans for head work?

Thanks DB! I just was gonna get it checked for warpage. Since It’s off, what do you recommend? Again, I’m not looking to go wild, but if something is doable for $100-200, and will add power and reliability, I’m in. I’ve been watching a buddy p’n’p a stock b18b head for his SCCA ITA 2nd gen. Looks easy, as long as you keep focus and start on the mani first (practice). Maybe some cams later, Type-rs’?

Gimme some opinions!

while the head is off get it milled just so it has a flat surface. i wouldnt suggest porting the head yourself. you may do more harm than good.

i would do a overall freshening up of the head while its off. a valve job and new valve seals. im not sure if there is any little things you can have done for cheap. im sure Colin can fill you in on that. he knows his stuff :up:

ITR cams or CTR cams would be great for your setup. i am using 00 us spec ITR cams myself.

That’s pretty much the plan for now, I really don’t want to go grinding on anything until I see results from my buddy, but he’s only allowed to work an inch from the mating surface. Really it looks as though that’s as much as you could do with a dremel.

Any other opinions?

Agreed, I would definitely not attempt to do my own port work. If you research it and plan on attempting it many times, then go for it. But if you’re just trying to do your own your results are more than likely going to be sub-par.

However, if you did some basic port matching, that could be beneficial. Just gather up your head, intake manifold, exhaust manifold and gaskets, then make sure everything matches up. Just blend the openings.

PORT MATCHING! That’s what I was seeing!
So here’s a new issue. Enough people are telling me I need arp 9mm rod bolts, that I invested in a good deal. Now when I get my rods resized at the machine shop, how do I then go and purchase bearings?

When they resize the rods they bring them back to the stock. You need to get bearing based on the crank size not the rods.

Yes changing the rod bolt is a good thing to do.

Huh. They bore the holes back to their original size. Never would have thought of it! :think:

Yes they take the rod apart and take some material off the rod cap and the rod, bolt them back together and them hone back to the stock size.

So, basically, the lowdown is: Take the p30 pistons, put them on my B17 rods, send 'em to the shop for rod bolts and resizing, put the engine all back together, toss some ITR/CTR cams/LMA’s/.040(?)spacers in the head, put in my minty fresh fuel injectors, rock over to the local speed shop, get a good Chrome tune and have a sweet engine? That’s it? I’m good to go? Goal here is around 170 whp.

I would let the machine shop put the pistons on the rods they are press fit.

I would too. No way you can press these out on a benc top with out f’ing something up.