P8R head on a b18a. p8r head has an 84 mm camber. ls block is only 81mm. will it fit?

will it bolt up directly? If not what modifications would need to be done? Aswell as I know i would be losing compression but with the added flow do you think it would be better then a ported ls head? I would need to use a b18 gasket if i were to use the p8r head correct?

ya it’s bolt on. use the b18a gasket.

have you looked into whether or not the valves will clear the pr4 pistons?

Just clay the motor when you assemble it. You should do this regardless. BTW I have a Golden Eagle 81mm headgasket in my FS thread for cheap.

ye, i was gonna suggest claying, but if someone had already confirmed that they would contact without making reliefs, then he would know already.
although the net isnever really definitive lol

whats this claying you guys are talking about?