PA: DB2 chassis, GS-R part out

I have owned my white 92 GS-R for ten years. I was sent to the desert a few years ago and it was placed in my garage for the majority of the time since. While I was away my ignition coil took a crap, so it became a project placed on the back burner. I am parting it out, it’s time for me to move on.
I have two hatches, two passenger doors, two gauge clusters, two sets of power mirrors, extra tail lights and front bumper lenses, a complete dash and rear seats from an LS. The front seats, four corners of the suspension and the engine, transmission, ecu setup is sold.
Prefer local pickup and accept cash. I might take a trade for a motorcycle or fire arms.
I live in York, PA Hit me up.
(717) 405-9321.

Would you sell the under hood pad and retainer clips holding it on?

The clips and heat pad have been removed before I received the car.
The hood is white on the bottom and the top was spray bombed black. Not bad but could use a respray.

Do you have the side vtec moldings ?
And how much for the trans if you shipped it to 91767?

What color are the hatches and what Clusters do u have?

Both hatches are factory white. Both gauge clusters came from a 92 integra GS-R.

Do you have the stock battery tie down?

I do have the tie down, it’s quite rusted though. Still solid.

VTEC moldings sold.

Would you be willing to ship your instrument panel. Looking for one without any broken vent fins.

I am drawing a blank. What do you mean by vent fins on the instrument panel?
Yes I am willing to ship.

i was wondering if ur willing to part out the distributor and oil pan from the motor let me know thanks

how much for gsr cluster? shipped to 32413

[QUOTE=mellowgorilla;2287970]I am drawing a blank. What do you mean by vent fins on the instrument panel?
Yes I am willing to ship.[/QUOTE]


Found a perfect one six months ago to install in my car for a complete interior refresh that I’m in the process of doing. I was about a week away from finally being ready to install it an I stepped on it and broke it this morning. :frowning:

Rust can be cleaned up. How much willbyou let it go for?it will go on my db2 that I’m trying to restore to close to stock condition.

would you sell the passenger taillight harness?

Sell engine harness

how many miles on the clusters?

@Exige24 The instrument vent bezel nas been painted a flat off-white. I was sort of bummed, but all the vent doors work completely. Do you want the whole thing or just the vent/s (which one)?
@dpintos Yes, the tie down is yours if you want it, it almost seems like a waste to ship it though. Is there anything else you would like?
@Man A I can part with the tail light harness. Where are you located?
@lsjdmteg I do not have the engine harness.
@dategchuck I currently have one cluster with 238,749 miles.

I have one sunroof visor and newly purchased motor mounts with 20,000 miles~ on them.
I have two sets of working seatbelt tracks, two forking sunroofs, passenger door, all interior panels and the Acura and Integra badges.
All sales go directly to my upcoming wedding (or more car parts).
Thank you for browsing.