PA misc Da parts

Visiting family in pa so I have access to my other teg and parts to get rid of. The list will be updated as I go through boxes.

90-91 bumper plugs $8

sunroof visor hardware sold

90-91 mud flaps, fronts will work on both years $50 all 4

Blue coin tray $8

90-91 oem rear bumper $40

accord arm rest $20

Will you split the mud flaps?? I only need the fronts…

yeah $25 plus shipping

I’d like the sunroof visor hardware. Cash in hand!

$2 extra to ship, paypal is if interested

Thanks, sending payment now. I will include my address.

Cool, i’ll mail it out later today

Thanks man, good doing business with you! lolol

Still got all 4 mudflaps? If so pics to

sorry about the delay, i’ll get pics in the morning.