PA - moving teg to kentucky cleanup

Didn’t want to make a new thread so i will use this one. I’m in pa again


I’ll send some pics later today when I get to the garage

Will you ship the head light to 32812.

Yes, i’ll give you a quote later tonight

can u send pics of bbs rims to 8326595776

I can get you some pics in about two hours when I get in.

send picof armrest with open lid as well will pay$ 30

or text 623 806 3361

I’ll send you pics tonight, almost done this 700 mile drive.

Can I see pics of the rz wheels ?? 3236836839

hey herb pics of armrest and bumper plugs to , trades for flaps?

Herb u got pics of them headlites? txt (262)305-6540 if so,

thankyou Jason

Just got in, sorry everyone but I’m to tired to go to the garage and dig these parts up to take pics. Just got finished driving 700 miles, pics first thing in the morning when I wake up.

give me email to sent payment for armrest

The armrest isn’t complete, I have random pieces. Going to the garage in a few to get pics

pictures? 623 806 3361 or

Digging through the boxes to find the pieces now


Gerry I found some rear mud flaps already, if you have some time stop by my moms house. I’m here for at least a week.

Pics added