Paint problem

I got a new paint job 1 1/2 years ago and I noticed little specs in the paint so My gf had this stuff called clear coat cutter. It is kinda pasty and is used to cut a layer of clear coat off. Well I used it on a small area of the hood:( and it didn’t do anything but put really bad swirl marks on(it worked really well with my gf’s car though but hers is gold and mine is black. So I want to try to scrape out the swirl marks now. How should I do that? Do you think the specs in the paint could be a defect? I have a lifetime garantee on the paint job.

cutter is only used before a polish, and unless you have a lot of knowledge about it, should really only be used by professional detailers… on black paint especially…

But try using a good polish on the part you used it on and see if that clears it up!