Painted moldings...

So my has all of the moldings painted…I was wondering what is a good way to remove the paint from them without messing up the texture of the molding itself. My car was repainted by one of the previous owners.


I don’t think there is any way to remove the paint on the moldings without at least scuffing them minimally. If you do remove the current paint you could try sanding them with a very fine grit and then try a product called “Forever Black” to return the moldings to black. I’ve heard of peole using that product and having really good results. Another option is to just replace them with unpaited ones. Just hit up a junkyard.

There may be some type of solvent you can use to eat the paint but not the rubber/plastic. But that may be a challenge to find (maybe someone here knows). Brake fluid would eat the paint and I doubt it’d hurt the plastic… but that’d be messy and take forever.

I want to get JDM thin moldings…but i atleast want my bumper moldings to be black also so it matches more. Well the paint thats on my front bumper molding is already chipped so ill try to chip away as much as possible.

Unfortunatly from the sounds of things you have 2 options…

  1. buy new JDM moldings or stock replacements from a junker now.

  2. Sand the ones you have smooth with a good electric sander, throw on a couplle of coats of filler primer then repaint with color match spray cans from plasti-kote.

Oh, and Im not exactly sure what you mean by “chip away as much as possible” but…Im not sure Id go with that route either lol

Oh, if you’re talking about the “molding” on the bumpers… that’s pretty much certainly going to require that you paint them black or get new bumpers.

U can try easy off oven cleaner i heard it works

i have used it on paint before but not anything body wise.
but then “molding” on the bumpers (front & rear) are not removable anyways…

you can use aircraft stripper but make sure you dont get it anywhere you dont want it. itll eat off paint.

It will probably also start melting the rubber/plastic.

^^ true

brake parts cleaner eats paint as well…

Zenmachine said it best.

i used paint thinner on mine, worked great (Dupont Nason brand) Depend’s on how old that paint is too.