painting door panels question

im just about to paint my door panels, but i dont know what to use to mask off the area that i want to paint. i tried newspaper and tape, but cant find tape that will stick without leaving crap behind.(ie duct tape <~ didnt try it, but figured it be messy) any suggestions or techniques i can use?

Masking tape from 3M works well, sticks but does not leave anything behind.

i tried masking tape, not 3m though, and it wouldnt stick that good. ill look for some 3m to try it.

Electrical tape

i used electrical tape and newspaper to mask things off when i painted my doorpanels. worked fine. what color are you painting it?

The tape will stick better if you use some kind of cleaner on the areas your taping up first. Talk to a local car parts or paint supply store about what works best and safely for the material your cleaning. There are all kinds of paint prep cleaners out there that will work well for this. Although I do not no the names of them I do know they exist. Hope this helps and good luck with thr paint job.