Painting Interior Fabrics?

I’m looking to paint my full palmy blue interior to landau black using SEM paint…painting the dash, door panels, etc don’t seem to be a problem. But my concern is the fabrics on the door panels and rear quarter panels. My question is, has anyone painted them? Pics maybe?

i’m thinking about painting them red, but i think that it might look cheap and ugly. Any ideas? What kind of paint to use?

also i was thinking about removing the fabric all together and painting the whole thing landau black…do you think this would look cheap and tacky as well??

thanks x5548494646.32


just painting it will prolly look crappy. most would recommend that u just convert to a black interior instead, then just get the panels reupholstered.

The Landau Black looks AWESOME, looks VERY close to OEM.The vinyl parts arent a problem, and Painting the fabric black would work, but red would be horrible. You cant paint a lighter color over a darker fabric, it would be really really dark red. Id just reupholster the fabric areas, which i actually am doing.

I used Duplicolor fabric and vinyl dye to do my dash and panels, and it came out awesome (used the flat black btw) and now im thinking about doing it over with the Landau black.

Instead of just painting the fabric red… just get red fabric from a fabric store and glue it on. Check out the custom interior thread on HT… there are tons of ideas for different types of fabric…

I removed the cloth from the insert, scrubbed it down to vinyl (made sure all the fuzzies and glue were completely gone) Taped it off and sprayed it with an alternative color. I used the light grey. Here’s how it turned out. [/IMG]

For the rears, I removed and stretched thin vinyl over them and sprayed it grey to match the front. Good luck!

EDIT I should add, that pic was taken 1 and a half years after I painted the doors. It holds up fairly well.

did you paint the door panels black as well?

I painted my entire tan interior using Duplicolor vinyl dye (flat black) and krylon fusion. I removed the carpet and cleaned the vinyl on the door panels and painted them too. This was five years ago and it still looks brand new. The only places that are chipping or anything are high use things like the handle on the sunroof cover and the tread plates by the doors. I replaced things like door handles with stock black parts I bought from people on here.

[QUOTE]did you paint the door panels black as well?


Yes, that door was all palmy blue before I did the job.