Painting my DA, im so lost!

Hey guys, im planning on painting my DA, this is probably one of the hardest decisions!! what color?!?!

Right now im thinking a blue or a charcoal, and if i choose blue, theres so many blues to choose from, im thinking either ebp from an Si or ssbp or indigo blue pearl from acura RL…

What do you guys think? Can you guys help me out with some pics of G2’s in these colors to compare? Thx

I was thinking If I ever painted my car I was want it like a charcoal or a darker grey sort of thing. But it would have to be the right one because I seen some greyish ones that look better then others.

Meh… don’t do blue. Everyone and their brother has blue. I would do something that is kind of a grayish tan color. I don’t really think that will make sense to anyone or not. I think with a nice gray/tan that you will stand out nicely, while still not attracting attention from people that don’t really give a shit. But it will look very high class, and not like a 16 year old kid’s car.

I would do my car in a color like this, but I just can’t bring myself to change my car’s color from black. Black is just classic, and never gets old. I’m afraid that with a color change I will get tired of it too quickly.

A gray color with a bit of tan/brown. You’ll thank me later. :burnout:

just go white, its beeee-uuuuuu tiful :slight_smile:

Why don’t you choose a color you like. If you paint it what other people like that doesn’t do no good for you.

Here is mine. I had it painted Gunmetal Gray.

The color is almost identical to the rims, depending on the light.

I currently have a stealth bomber look. As I fight off the rusted areas with new pieces of body and fibreglass repair, I painted the exposed area with a black sandable primer. I was getting behind on the project and needed to drive the car to work, so I clearcoated the primer and it came out a satin finish. I kind of like it and might go with a black-silvery-gray like a carbon fiber colour.

But dont listen to me… my car is SO low class, its not funny… unless a clown was driving it…

championship white

championship white thats how iam paint mine :cool:

I’ve always thought that bright Gold looks good…but otherwise horizongrey

in my opinion the nsx burnt orange or the subaru wrx blue colors look hella sick on our cars but i wuld say do wat catches ur eyes :werd:

Two tone it!! Most people don’t like it though but in my opinion its pretty unique

And my friends 91 Prelude SI

BTW what does everyone think of my Panda Scheme?? --& the Stock GSR rims painted to match???-- Honestly :hmm: :dance:

Anyone??? :pupeyes:

bert3734 do you know the color code for that? I really like it.
I was going to paint my car Lapis Blue what does everyone think of that kind of blue.

I’m not sure of it, but i know it is a house of kolor, color gunmetal gray.

Hope that helps.

The Panda scheme was nifty, but I could see it being the next Altezza option. You know, it looked cool when you first got the Altezza lights, but now no one can give those lights away. I wonder about the lines of the black. Did you replace the hatch with a black one or did you paint the face of the hatch… it just doesnt go with the lines… thats all…

But I can one thing though, your car is damn better looking than mine… I have that great Canadian rust option on mine and I am trying to go with the JDM ‘no rust’ option!!!


I just did my DA B-95-P-C It’s the civic SI color. It looks Hot! I’ll try to get some pictures up

You should I wanna see it

I’ll get the pictures up soon. I’m wet sanding the car today. When I’m done I’ll take some pictures.

Hey 90_GS, where were you when I had a thread going on about this?

Its almost amazing, Im going panda scheme, already got a black hatch, hood, rims, moldings, mirrors, just gotta get the A, C pillars and roof painted. But look at the comparison between you pic…

and my pic…

Two G2 pandas, and two G2 ludes. haha its cool but weird, both us want/have pandas, and both our friends have 88-91 Ludes.

champ white or polar white :slight_smile: