Painting The Carpets ?????

:frowning: that link is not working anymore

yes that link is no go

that sucks, that started to sound like a great idea … except that theres a few items in my that just dont want to leave the car … rust/stiff/harden bolts mainly

for the rust, try wd-40/silicone lubricant and a hammer. (But be carful with the spray stuff since you are on the inteior, covering stuff up would be a good idea.) Spray it, hit it a few times spray it alittle more, hit it a few more times. Should knock the rust off and loosen the bolt a little so you can take it out.
*may take a little while of working on it to become effective, depending on how bad it is…

hey I am also paintin my interior with the dupicolor stuf and it looks real nice and all, but the seat that I painted is sooper stiff and hard. Is it going to soften back up at all or should I find some appolstry shop to just re-do the seats?

did you brush it at all?

i didnt use a brush, is that why its so hard?

Is it worth spraying the carpet without taking it out? I mean, I could clean it extremely well and what not. Would the original color come through again?

I also already cleaned, washed and used the duplicolor paint on the floor mats and after about a week the blue started coming through the black again. Probably because I did not put enough layers on it.

if you can find the thread i posted when i was working on my interior it has a step by step, maybe ill do a tegtip. how exactly do i do one?

ill search for the thread and post it if i find it.

would this paint work for the cover in the hatch behind the rear seats?

yeah, i just painted it myself and it looks fine