Painting The Carpets ?????

Has Anyone heard of this product that u can paint the interior carpets of ur car ? Does it work ? wats the name of the product?

i just took out my seats and trim etc and sprayed it with duplicolor fabric dye. looked like shit when i bought it, painted it, has looked great for a year now. 2 cans of duplicolor, $6.00 search this topic. it has been covered in great detail.


just did my horrible trunk carpet yesterday using same method. works wonders! (please wait for it to dry, unless u like fumes) but the fumes subside very quickly

feel free to ask any more questions regarding this topic. i am defenetly an advocate for this process

i dyed my seats with it and its been wicked for 8 months

people were worried about bleeding from the black dye… but after about 1 week there was nothing…and even at the time it was only a barely noticible smudge on super hot days.

they look brand new… so if the carpet is in good shape… id say do it up.

g2ichris - does the carpet feel the same after spraypainting it? It seems like it would be stiffer or clumpy or something

its a little stiff at first, but it settles down after a little while. if ur doing the main carpet you’ll be wearing shoes rite? not sleeping on it. it wont get clumpy, thats what its made for. 2 cans of duplicolor will do ya just fine. dont take out the carpet, just the plastic stuff, ALL the plastic stuff. its really easy dude :whew: how about you do a befor and after for us eh? then ,aybe do a quick tegtips writeup or something. :gotpics:

buy a cheap brush from walmart and when you spray it on brush it around, thats wut i did

  1. take out d & p seats 2. remove centerconsole, plastic door runners, ebrake housing, kick panels. 3. DONT TOUCH THE DEAD PEDAL! i think everyone on here knows from experience that if u pull it, it will snap.
  2. w/ everything removed, jump in there w/ ur vacuum, or if ur heavily soiled, your brush and shampoo and a shopvac, clean that bitch up. 5. once u make sure all the soil, leaves, dandylion seeds are removed, START SPRAYIN! 6. let your car sit w/ the windows down or better yet, the doors open (turn dome off) and let it air out over night, then u def shouldnt have any fumage problems. 7. replace all panels, then both seats.
    there. now take some befor pics, dye em, then after pics. then use my terrible guidelines to make a snazzy TEGTIP. or i will do it. :hump:

I’m really only concitering it for my hatch carpet, not my main stuff.

If I do it I’ll do a before/after :up:

works for both. i dun it

I did a full write-up on this some time ago…


for the dye that was used are u guys refering to the fabric spray paint? i have been wondering this for the longest time. ive been wanting to do this for the longest time but have been afriad its not spray paint and something else. but a simple yes or no to that question would be great. thanx


yes. duplicolor platic/fabric dye
dont be afraid of its glory

love it

Take Mcnab’s advice…His write-ups are extremely detailed…Great for a beginner or someone diving into a project they never did :up:

hahaha great thats the answer i was looking for…and now i have another project comming up…hahaha thanx


sleeper: tell him to take g2ichris’s advise too