Painting the JDM Thin moldings

Question - I have had limited success with painting the USDM side moldings. The small moldings have been fine, but the large door moldings have been troublesome. does the thin moldings for the door take to painting better? I think the problem with the USDM door moldings is they had too much rubber type material that doesn’t take to paint well.

Anyone? I am about to drop some money on some thin moldings to paint…

Not sure if this helps, but today i was at the junkyard, and my quest was the side mouldings. I’m trying to come up with a solution to making them look new minus trim detail coating. The side mouldings seem to be of a plastic type more so than rubber composition. The front and rears are part of the bumper, which is vinyl. The probable solution may be in using a primer suited for those compositions, and proceed from there. This is not based on fact, as i’ll try different things to see what works for what, given the situation. I took about 4 side mouldings off from cars to experiment with, once i can conclusively come up with something, i’ll post. Good Luck.

They’re for sale if you want. I have them painted the same time as the car with two stage ppg.

not the color i need but how much shipped to 95973?

how does 145 shipped sound?

Jdm sidemoldings will hold your paint. unlike the usdm rubber coated shit long ones

Um USDM ones hold paint just as well if painted properly. Look at 92-93 GS-R’s that come with factory painted moldings. :think:

double post :owned:

noooo WAY!!!11

yah it holds fine, i pained mine and it held awesome with adhesive promoter

You just need proper prepping. Sand it with 600 grit and clean it with wax and grease remover before painting. Yes, you can sand the rubber part also.

Theres a product called Plastic Prep that you can buy to rub down the moldings before you paint or you can rub them down with alcohol, then sand like NTegraLS said.

Sorry to jack thread but they just pop out ? Or you paint on the car itself?

Don’t paint them on the car. That is a bad idea. They are held by clips that are removed from the inside. It just takes a little squeeze with some needle nose pliers to release the clips, and on the door pieces there is also a screw at the end of the door. If you try to remove them from the outside you will likely damage the clips and or molding.

Is it different material? If so then I believe what you are saying. I love how everyone is adding new tips that aren’t in the Teg Tips (that seriously needs to be updated). How many people painted their own and it held up well after 3+ years?

A little pricey for me but that is only because I would have to sand down (little more of a hassle). If those were Frost White I would say sold! If you don’t have luck selling make me another offer.

No matter which ones you get you are going to have to prep if you plan to paint, but I am willing to negotiate a little. Would 130 be enough to close the deal? Last time I checked they were going for nearly 200. Let me know.