Painting underneath carpet??

I removed my carpet for a short time and decided to keep it out. The gutted look grew on me. But as we know the factory color is all beat up. What do you guys recommend to repaint my floor, trunk as well?

I was thinking the truck bed liner.

There was a kid at school who lined his trunk on his Camaro with that stuff, it came out pretty nice. I’d say go for it.

I used under coating on my floor, so far so good.

the bed liner idea works good but its not the smartest thing if you are worried abount weight. If not then i say go for it and post pics when its done

what does weight have to do with paint??

It doesnt have to anything with paint. you were thinking about using the rhino liner, and that does make the car heavier if you sparyed the entire floor with it. It doesnt matter unless you are trying to be fast. More weight = slower times.