parking brake bracket question

I was replacing the rear caliper yesterday and had trouble taking off the parking brake. The Haynes manual says that you can take off a clip on the bracket and it will slide off, but my bracket fully encloses the line and has no place where it CAN slip off. Then I decided to take off the 2 bolts that attach the bracket to the caliper but they were stripped. I ended up having to cut the parking brake bracket so I could get the caliper off. So now the new caliper is on but I need to figure out how I can take off the remaining piece of the bracket from the parking brake line so I can put a new bracket on. I don’t want to cut it off because I don’t want to damage the line. Is there any other way the line can be removed from the bracket and am I missing something? Thanks.

There should be a flat springy retainer clip holding the cable into the bracket. Once you remove the clip the cable will slide out of the bracket. If you’re looking at the caliper, the clip is on the backside of the bracket. A screwdriver will work to slide it out.

I removed the clip, but the cable is fully enclosed by the bracket. Instead of looking like a C-shape it looks like an O (if that makes any sense). Therefore, I don’t believe it will slide out, unless I’m missing something. If it helps, I have a 91 LS. Will a bracket from any other kinds of cars (CRX, Civic, Prelude, etc.) work if I can manage to cut the old one all the way off?