Parking/Dashboard/Tail light problem

So recently i found out that my front passenger parking light was bown. I just put my hand down by the wire for it and wiggled it around thiking maybe it was just a loose connection. If not, no biggie, ill get a new bulb. I got in my car and turned on the lights and saw my dash lights werent working either so i knew it was a bad fuse. I popped in another fuse (its a 15) and as soon as i turned on the parking lights it shorted again. I even pulled out the bulb from the pass. side parking light which did end up being blown. My tail Lights run off the same fuse so i kind of want to hurry this up. I HATE working with electrical stuff on cars so any suggestions on what i can do or where to start to find the problem?

You have a short somewhere.
A live wire is hitting a ground and blowing the fuse.
Check simple stuff first, stereo headunit, amps (if you have them) etc…
I had the same thing happen, headlights would work but no taillights or interior lights. I gutted the interior, couldn’t find it then had Acura gut the interior and they found it was a loose wire from the headunit…

Allright ill try that . Thanks for the info. I suck something aweful when it comes to electronics. Motor work is my thing. :slight_smile:

The most common cause of park/dash light fuse blowing is a shorted out illumination wire in the oem radio harness if it is not being used on an aftermarket HU, [most aftermarket HU do not have an illumination input] so it is the first place I would look it is a red/black wire.

However by the sounds of your description, only the front pass. park light was not working until you “wiggled” the wiring around by the light and after that none of them worked and the fuse would blow as soon as you turn on the lights, if that is so, it’s a good bet that the short is someplace close to the pass. park light, if you can unplug the light housing do so and try the lights again, the problem may be a short in the bulb holder. :whisper: 94

BUMP for a good thread. Had this problem for the last few months. Tail light, license plate, and instrument light fuse kept burning out. Didn’t know where to look for the short, call me retarded, I guess I should have searched G2ic in the first place and solved this problem months ago. Found the exposed red/black wire behind my aftermarket deck, wrapped it up in electrical tape and the fuse didn’t pop yet after 10 min of running. Hopefully thats the solution to my headache!

If anyone else has this problem I definitely recommend trying this out.