parking lights wire???

i want to hook up my voltmeter light to my parking lights so it only turn on at night time… anybody know what color is the wires??? ands where?? sorry for the ignorance

To get to the wire you’re going to have to take apart your steering column. You really only need to pull the top half of it off. The wire you’re looking for is a large gauge red/green wire connected to a wiring harness on the left hand side of the column (close to your light and blinker switch). Just splice in to it from there and make things look pretty;) Hope this helps.

Fuse Box Legend -Where to Tap to get Instrumention Lighting

:up:There is an easy way to tap off to 12V+ thats switched on from the headlight switch. Check ou the JPG I have included. To get the power tap with a female spade connector at C918 at the fuse box. I mapped the other power outlets and their respective Fuse circuit. Note the the circuits I have designated with Bat is constant 12V+ and SW’d is 12V+ at the run/on position at the ignition switch. Wish I had joined earlier to help ya!:cool: