Part # for NGK Copper plugs?

Does anybody happen to know the NGK Part # or Stock# for the NGK Standard & Resistor (aka “COPPER”) spark plugs that will fit a 93 Integra LS w/ a B18A1 engine? From what I’ve read around the forums, it seems to be the general consensus that these plugs provide the best reliability and performance. Anyone have any experience to share? Thanks.


For 90-91 integras
NGK Spark Plugs 1273
V-Power; Resistor; BCPR5E-11; @ Gap .044"

NGK Spark Plugs 2372
Platinum; BCPR5EVX-11; @ Gap .044"

For 92-93
V-Power ZFR5F-11 # 2262 # .044
Platinum PZFR5F-11 * 4363 * .044

I am interested in the non V-Power standard COPPER ones.

heres whats listed on the NGK website

NGK Part Finder
1993 ACURA Integra LS 1.8 L4 B18A1 PGM-FI DOHC

Spark Plug Part No. Stock No. Plug Gap Photo
V-Power ZFR5F-11 # 2262 # .044
Platinum PZFR5F-11 * 4363 * .044

Original Equipment

  • Laser Platinum Plug

Wire Set Part No. Stock No.
Wire Set HE56 9736

Oxygen Sensor Part No. Location Photo
Oxygen Sensor 24169 Front of Converter

ok i found out. according to the ngk site. the v-powers ARE copper core
so # 2262 is the part#

Triple-Gasket Sealing Process
Virtually eliminates the possibility of combustion gas leakage through the shell. Most other manufacturers only use two seals.

Solid-Copper Core
Produces a more powerful spark with less firing voltage. Other manufacturers use a “copper coated” center core.

Forces the spark to the outer edge of the ground electrode, placing it closer to the air/fuel mixture. This allows the spark to more quickly ignite the mixture, providing more complete combustion.

Cold-Rolled Threads
For easier removal and installation.

Corrosion Resistant
Zinc Chromate Coating Double-dipped for maximum protection. An NGK exclusive.

Alumina Silicate Insulator
Is virtually pure to insure dielectric and physical strength, as well as heat transfer away from the tip for maximum performance.

Corrugated Ribs
Eliminate “flashover”, which can cause misfiring and engine damage, especially in damp environments.

Yeah, but there is also a non V-Groove copper core plug… That’s the one I’m interested in.

Originally posted by DeftonesFur97
Yeah, but there is also a non V-Groove copper core plug… That’s the one I’m interested in.

while at work, i checked the 2003 NGK application catalog and this is what i found.

for 92-93 integras, under the title standard copper core, there is NO part# listed for it.
for 90-91 there is a part# listed under standard copper core and that part# is bcpr5es-11.

the only plugs offered for 92-93 are:
v-power: zfr5f-11
g-power platinum: zfr5fgp
platinum: pzfr5f-11
iridium ix: zfr5fix-11

so if you want the standard non v-power copper core, they only have it for 90-91, unless someone else on this board knows a part# or info. on it??