Part # for rear control are bushing.

All I need is a part # for a 91 GS, two door, rear lower control arm bushing, passenger side. It’s the one on the very out side. The bolt was rust welded in and it snapped as I was gently spinning it out. I need a new bushing, it got tore up well I was talking out the rust welded bolt. Any part # that will fit it will be much appreciated. Thanks!!

There are a multitude of online websites you can use to browse the OEM parts catalog as well as order parts. I’ve always prefered However, I just noticed today that they changed the catalog. I haven’t used it enough yet to see if it’s better, worse, or a wash. It might take a little getting used to the different sections and finding what you need, but there’s a wealth of knowledge in here, so its well worth spending the time.

I’ve been searching for hours and nothing is coming up expect aftermarket ones. Even my local B&J auto parts aswell as lordco and t&t don’t have the right ones.

Okay finally after 3 hours of searching I found part #52365-SK7-A02. I hope it’s the right one thanks for the help!

Yup, that’s it.