passanger door speaker not working

when i bought my car, it came with some shitty jvc speakers in the doors that blew in like a week, i didnt go to replace em till recently, to figure out, the passenger door one wont work at all, while the driver side one works perfectly. i took them both out and moved them to the back to the sides of the privacy bar, and now have 2 subs, 2 6x9’s and 2 6’s all in the back and nothing up front. at first i thought it was the wiring harness, but the automatic seatbelts work fine, so i dont know what it can be. as of now i have a great system in back and nothing up front. i plan on installing some tweeters up front but first i want to get regs speakers in the doors. i dont know what speakers i want to get (plz, this isnt a suggestion thread) i just want whatever i get to work.

please wiring teg guru’s, help me get some sound up front!!!

did you try switching the speakers side-to-side and see if you still have no sound in the right front? wires can break in the bundle that goes from the car to the door, one of the ones for the speaker might have gone. you can use a multimeter and check the resistance in the wires between the terminal at the head unit and the terminal at the speaker.

i think ill just rewire the entire thing, my boys dad is an electrician, he’ll help