Passwordjdm One peice headlights

just ordered a set and wanted to see if anyone had gotten a set from them and wanted some reviews on what condition they were in and how they are holding up? any input?

ordered a set from them about a year and a half ago. my drivers side was nice and clear whereas my passenger side had some yellowing and wasn’t as great. at the time the price was good at about $140 or so shipped. the harnesses were a lil short but you can go buy new one at walmart for like $6.

thanks for the reply, as that leaves me a little upset being that i just spent 340.88 on lights bulbs harnesses and shipping from them :tsk:

well hopefully u get a nice set of headlights :up:

yeah i ordered used bumper lights from them and one of them were brand new and the other one looked like it was made in 92 so i hope your set of headlights come clean

friend ordered his recently. fast shipping, safely packed, and very very clean. he also got the jumper harnesses.

Damn they’re expensive now… I paid $129 shipped from them about 3 years ago… both light where clear with no yellowing, but one of them got cracked during shipping which they replaced…other than that, they had quick service…

well thats sounds good then, but the reason they were so expensive is because of the harness, the light bulbs and the 40.88 dollars to ship those peices of shit

I am buying another set here soon. Lemme know how the quality is. I cant wait to retrofit them.

will do they should be here monday:nana:

got the lights yesterday as scheduled and man are they a beauty, i very impressed and cant wait to put em on.

overpriced headlights!!!==== worth it in the long run :drool:

I am assuming they are in very good condition then?

$340!!!:stare: Holy Hell!! That’s way too much. But I’m glad u like them.

Well if you figure in the 30$ harness and 80$ bulbs its not that bad of a price.

Just make sure you dont buy any used bumpers off them. I recieved my front bumper and the only thing protecting it was what seemed to be a black trash bag. The bumper was in such bad shape i just threw it away and kept the jdm bumper support for its lightness (that to was bent to hell). The bumper was apost to come with bumper lights and go figure they werent there. As for bumpers, fenders, or any other body panels be warned.

^ you should’ve contacted them.

if you had called them they would have taken care of it. good friend got his jdm bumper from them totally complete, with lights, properly wrapped and even the right color.

Man the price on the one piece’s have skyrocketed…I remember 2 years ago they were going for $165…man o man…