PCV Lower hose

Alright, so I’m putting my head back onto the block, and there’s the one hose that goes from the PCV valve down to the breather box, I guess it’s the Lower PCV valve hose. The problem is, it’s almost impossible to fit my hand in the tiny space to get the hose on all the way, I got it on more than halfway over the little valve nipple or whatever it goes on to… is that sufficient enough or would I have to make sure it’s down to the very bottom?

I had a tough time putting mine back in also, once you have it partially in the hole, I used a long screwdriver and pushed it the rest of the way in the hole. And I got pretty fat arms too, lol.

i cant get mine one, well, the previous owner couldnt get it on so he just left it hanging…is that bad?

Did you try a little soap or wd-40 to help it slide? Or, can you reach it better from under the car.