PCV Problem

Okay, I was trying to replace the PCV valve on my teg when I ran into a HUGE problem. As I was trying to pull out the old one, it broke in my hand. Half of it was stuck in the intake manifold while the other half in the upper hose itself.

When I tried to use a flathead screwdriver to pry up what was stuck in the manifold, I inadverdently broke the plastic “socket”
that the PCV valve itself plugs into.

Now I have white smoke puffing out of my exhaust & my check engine light is on.

How can I get to the rubber tube/hose under the manifold to connect the new PCV valve without having to remove the manifold itself? :bang:

You broke the PCV valve with your bare hands? Damn your strong.

You can get to that lower PCV hose a little easier if you remove the stock breather box. But, that little hose is a pain to remove even with the manifold off the head. How bad is the PCV “socket”. If it’s not too bad, it might be easier to just ghetto rig the damaged one.


Please revive this thread for anymore questions.