i need help about my PCV valve… you got AIM or anything?

whats wrong

i was tryna replace my PCV valve… and it broke… the top half anyway… so the rest was stuck in that gromet that sits on the manifold… anywho… i was an ignorant fool anf i tried to bust the remaining piece of valve through the gromet… not knowing that the gromet came out the bottom and turned to the side… to make a long story short… i ****ed up my PCV valve gromet and dont know what i should do now… i heard neil had this problem… so im asking him for help

C’mon everyone knows my AIM :stuck_out_tongue:

The bottom of the PCV goes to a hose that connects to the breather box. You’ll need to replace this hose since the PVC is probably still stuck in it (dry rotted). I don’t know what grommet thing you’re talking about. Anything else just reply.