PDL wires without Power Door Locks


I have a 2-door hatchback '92 LS without power door locks. I put
in two actuators so I could have keyless entry. I now noticed that
I had wires running across the door to the (what I think is) the
factory actuator. The wires run from the door boot (in blue-ish
colors), to the connector in the picture below, and then after
the connector they’re red, black, and white…then it runs right
to the mechanism at the end of the door.

Can you use these wires for power door locks and get rid of the
actuators? Here’s a picture:

Ahhh, here’s a wiring schematic, as well as an actuator test.
They say it’s a 4-pin connector, and mine seems to be 3.

Has anyone ever used this stuff?


I wouldn’t recommend using them (the wires) 'cause they are hooked up to your seatbelts and the seatbelt light on the dash… If you tamper with it, there is a chance the alarm/keyless entry could cause havoc with the light/belts… hope that helped…
Email me with questions…

where do these wires end up under the dash? i am adding power door locks to my RS and wanted to use two of these wires instead of running new ones. i know they go to the power door lock module but mine doesnt have one.

I never really figured out what those wires did. Yea, they’re
probably the wires for the pdl, but I don’t have a pdl module
either. I just kept my actuator, and the 2 wires that I ran through
the door myself.

ok well they dont go to the power door lock system but rather the automatic seatbelt system. the black is a ground and the other two are switched grounds for door open/shut. the seatbelt system probably uses this switch in the locking mechanism because it is more reliable than our failure prone door switches. i found this out when i cut the two wires and my driver seatbelt quit working and the seat belt light came on and and wouldnt stop beeping and blinking. i reconnected the wires and it is working fine now. so i ran two new wires and installed my acuator (got off of ebay for $6) and it works great with my alarm, had to make a power door lock main relay, easily made out of 2 starter kill relays i bought from an audio/alarm shop. if you need help with any of that let me know

hey…do you have a picture of where you installed the actuator?
you can kindof see where i put mine (in my picture), but I’m
not sure if that’s the best place for it?

dont have a camera right now but i mounted it as close as i could to the hole in the door where the rod goes through and atatched the actuator rod on the inside of the door as close to the mechanism as possible. mine came with a little metal block with screws in it to clamp the rods together. had to stick my hand up through the bottom hole in the door to tighten them. i took a pen and drew a line from the top of the metal bracket that the cup/handle thing sits in all the way left across the door so i knew to mount the actuator below it or the door panel would not clear it. remember to mount it level with the rod(slightly up)