peeling paint.. What to do??

So the paint on my 93 Integra is not the best (see pics below). The clear coat is peeling a little bit on the roof and around the top of the doors and stuff but that doesn’t bother me. The only part that bothers me is all of the clear coat peeling off of my hood. Not only does it look bad but in the winter when it would rain or snow, I would stop at a stop light and the heat transferred from the motor to the hood would make any moisture turn to smoke. In short, my car looks like its overheating in the winter. I want to primer the hood. I have never done anything like this so I need some tips on what to do. What products to use, what grit sandpaper, where can I get that stuff? I am going to get my car painted in the next year so whatever I do needs to be good enough or close to good enough to be painted over whenever I get it painted. Any and all help is appreciated. Thanks in advance!



well i just sand it down with wet/dry sand paper get the pack with different grits in it you can get it at home improvement store or auto parts stor or walmart type stores…the just prime it with a can of primer (black) what i do

Now that it is fall and temps are getting colder this is becoming a bigger issue. My car smokes like a mofo when it rains,and you can actually here it sizzle when you are outside the car. I gotta do something cheap and effective. any suggestions?

go grab a pack of the 3m wet or dry sandpaper (225) grit. sand til dull and all clear is off the hood. then get some cheap 2$ can of primer(2 of them) and prime away. use a regular primer can and a sealer to finish so that its not “powdery” all this stuff should cost you less than 20 bucks.

I’m gonna tackle this tomorrow. Forecast is sunny with a high of 67 degrees

Supply list:

  1. 400 and 600 grit sandpaper
  2. 2 cans of primer
  3. 2 can of black auto paint
  4. 2 can of clear coat- hopefully something UV resistant

Im gonna sand off the remaining clear coat with the 400 grit sand paper. Once that is all gone, I’m gonna do a coat of primer and sand it down smooth if it needs it. Then, a second coat of primer and make sure its smooth. Then 2possibly 3 coats of black paint. Lastly 2 coats of clear. Thats my plan of attack for tomorrow. Any suggestions? And yes, I’m gonna cover up everything that I don’t want to get over spray on.

I would use 320 personally but do what u want. The primer will fill 320 if u are using filler primer. and I’m sure u will need more than 2 cans for a nice coat. Also don’t use can clear cause it will yellow real bad and also not do Just do what ya plan and get someone to throw real clear coat on it and not the cheap can stuff.

yeah i decided to go with 320 cause thats all i can find at the parts stores in my area. and im gonna get 3 cans of each after looking around yesterday at some different stuff. the only problem with the clear is i don’t have a gun and im not looking to throw a bunch of money into something like that. the clear in a can looks like my only option right now.

can you post pictures after you paint it because i got the same problem right now with my hood

OP, do you have any after-shots on your work?

either its been repainted aftermarket or its been sitting out in the sun… alot. sand down with a da sander (haha da) with like 120 grit then go over it with 320 grit then prime and paint

I ended up not going through with it. I couldn’t get my hands on an electric sander and so the project kind of fell by the wayside. I started to do it by hand, but I realized pretty quick that I needed an electric sander in order to do it right. I ended up selling that car back in April.

i also have a clear coat problem, someone mentioned a place that does “spot clear coat” repair, unfortunately they wond do the roof because its such a big area… but, they refered me to a place that does vinyl wraps and said that it would be the quickest/affordable route to take car of this problem. i’m thinking about getting the roof wrapped in either flat black or just have them color match until i can save up enough for a full paint job.

what are you guys thought on this?

just get a cf roof cap

I haven’t posted here in months.

Like everyone else said, wetsand, compound, and polish. this is what I did with my Legend:

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