people with b&m shifters

i have a question what kind of knob are you guys using on your shifter? i am asking this question because i cant get a aftermarket threaded one to fit on my shifter. the aftermarket ichebahn < (dont know how to spell it) i want to buy is threaded for honda shifters but my b&m is supposed to be threaded like stock, that what it said in the magazine. I dont want to use one of those crappy universal knobs, because they always loosen up and it gets annyoing.

forgot to add that aftermarket knobs wont fit on my b&m even if the b&m is supposed to be honda thread type.

well call me crazy…but if the shifter is threaded like stock…then a “honda- threaded” knob will screw right on…our cars ARE hondas after all. and just a suggestion…but why not just get and ebay “RSX” style knob, theyre screw on and i think its one of the best looking knobs there is besides the skunk 2…depends on if u wanna spend $15 or $35 for pretty much the same part…good luck

or the actual itr or rsx type s knobs are nice and they go for like 30-50 bucks on ebay …i have a skunk2 knob though and i love it …

I have the B&M ITR replica knob on mine.

i have an APC knob :frowning:

dont tell ne one ok guys…

but i had the same problem you did so i had my custom guy put it on there cause he claimed it would “never in 10000000000000 years come off”

and that bitch wont budge. i think he used some loctite, and he also bent the alen wrench when he put it in…lol

theres the pic, i needed one that wasn’t round it had to be cylindrical (spelling?) because when the screen closes i have little to no clearance

good luck


He probably drove it in there pretty deep.

There’s an easy fix to the loose shift knob thing. Just wrap your shaft with a strip of duct tape where the screws go in and put the placement screws into the duct tape. I did it on mine 8 months ago and it still hasn’t come loose.

i have a itr style knob buts its come loose so many times that i dont even mess with it anymore. i think i am going to get my shifter rethreaded.

My Trust knob fits perfect and is threaded all the way to to the top of the knob. Short as hell.

I have a greddy knob
online store>>Accesories>>shift knob>>honda

screws right in…stays on fine…

HOndaH22- whered u get the Trust knob?..i was lookin for somethin a little lower

so what would happen if you ever needed to get it off? :stuck_out_tongue:

I had a JDM ITR shiftknob on a B&M SS (I have a skunk2 SS now and no problems either) and it was on there good…nothing special required, i just wrapped an elastic band around it and turned it with my hands until i couldn’t turn it anymore. It never came off when i never wanted it to.

I’ve got an STR one on my B&M.

so far my favorite is the dc2 gsr knob im using :rockon:

I like the '02 Civic coupe EX know, but I am knobless right now. I am going spoon sports in Duracon Black here real soon.

I have the skunk2 also. No problems.

damn i cant believe this thread is till active. Anyways my stock tegy knob pushes my boot down further and makes my shifter look weird. I think i am going to cut my knob in half the shift knob that is (still sounds painful).

greddy-trust shift knob… :smiley:

not screwed, not allen keyed, it was made for another car with a bigger shifter. so it’s tape and more tape, and it kinda threaded on… stays on though… :clap:

I’ve got a Momo knob on my B&M shifter and it’s a “universal” and fits super tight, been on for almost a year with no play at all.

did i even mention that i love my Skunk2 knob …lol …i cant wait to get my FLP road race shifter …with the skunk2 knob :up: