Performance parts information advice requested

Since my fun to drive Civic Hybrid 5 speed (STICK SHIFT) got stolen I been out of a car, so now I am really going to put some money into repairing my 92 (built in 11/91) I want to build the engine to achieve 11.91 on the .25 mile. I have a b18c1 which I have a matching Skunk2 ultra intake for it. I want to do the 70mm throttle, which mates perfectly, but I hear, that doing such a thing, it is obviously best to port match and upgrade Injector size. I am skeptical, but why not since there devices which can control injector spray load. Also, what is reconmended for cam profiles, and does anyone have experience with the dual springs? There is a good motor shop called Bud’s machine shop, he did a 22re for me which I sold, and the guy was totally thrilled with the power of the 22re. What are the pistons sizes best for running 92 octane? Or I should say the highest I can go on 92 octane, or 91 octane, I know some states don’t sell 92, so I have to be careful. I want to go with Weisco pistons, …, … What is the best balance for a turbo setup and a NA setup? I figure NA high compression. turbo, run compression about 10:1, NA 11:1 These are guesses. Feedback is welcome.

Why an 11.91 in the 1/4 mile? Do you have a specific use for the car?
I believe the opening on the Skunk2 ultra is already ported to 74mm but what you want to avoid is a bottleneck. 70mm should work just fine and I would look at upgrading to RDX injectors if power level isn’t going to be that high, but you need to upgrade to an adjustable fuel pressure regulator to see any true results.
Dual valve springs should be standard in most any B series VTEC, there are a few that aren’t but they are escaping my mind right now.
Cam profiles would be more in line with what you want out of the car. As well as compression ratio and size of pistons or the bore of the engine.