philly area teg owners

I would like to see if any members from the area would like to meet up and chill, take some pics or whatever. If anyone is down and know of some good chill spots post up. I’m staying in the plymouth meeting area and i’m not afraid to drive lol

i know of a good spot but its a little bit of a drive. Something like caugh 8 hours caugh. lol

Seriously though we should put together somethign for next year. looks like my car will be down one more year before i finish it since i am just now getting to paint. :frowning:

Is colby still gonna take the trip to va to meet up with you? We should try to set something up for a bunch of members, the silver teg won’t be done for a while anyway lol.

Wish I would have saw this sooner.

I’ll be here till the 7th, getting my new teg tomorrow.

Woot, better post some pics somewhere.

No members around the philly or montgomery county area?

Wow no pa members

Gonna be in pa Sunday or monday!