Pic request black headlights on captiva blue DA

My jdm headlights are cracked and pretty much broken, I’m looking for cheap replacements. But curious how the one piece black housing headlights on ebay would look on a captiva blue DA. Anyone have a picture of one?

I found one on a black g2 in another thread which looks pretty decent

Just to warn you those lights look extremly scatered. I have these lights and I like the way they look and am willing to sacrifice the scatering affect for the looks.

Your willing to sacrifice the scattered affect?? You mean blind people as they drive toward you

they dont really blind the oncoming traffic because the beam of light is not focused like in a stock set of headlights. the brightest spots are directly to the sides but like I said it is not focused do it is like passing any other car. (and yes my wife and I tested it out becuase I did notice it and wanted to make sure it was not a hazard) If I was in the states I could take pictures and show you. There are a few people on here with some pics but i cant find them right now.

got those headlights too. they’re ok, nice but with HIDs there are like long devil horns poking out the sides its weird

That is part of what i am trying to explan.

What you’re talking about is the glare guards on the aftermarket one pieces. Unlike the stock glare guards that only allow light to shine into the reflector and not directly forward or to the sides, the ebay lights glare guards sit a little too far away from the bulb and allow a narrow slit of light on either side of the car to shine directly from the bulb out. I don’t see it being an issue with blinding other drivers since they wouldn’t even see the bright spots until they are almost directly next to you. I hate the output they have because of those annoying unreflected light beams. When I’m parked near a wall head on the lights look like this ( 0 0 ) with the only area thats recieving decent lighting being the two circles directly in front of the bulbs. They should work great for my retrofit though.

yep, they suck ass.

i have them in my car…scatters a lot but i love the way it looks for my car

i’ll be using regular halogen bulbs. Surprised no ones post is trying to help with my request for a picture of a Captiva blue da w/ black housing headlights, instead side tracked to the beam being scattered… :dozing:

Not to many people like the ebay lights so there aren’t going to be that many pics of them and even less pics on a certain color car.

hey my car isnt captive blue its sti metallic blue and i bought the black housing lights and i think they look sick. here is a pic just to show you what they look like. sorry the pics are small.


that’s your car ? i hope you built it in the 90’s

why? becuase i went diff than evernyone else by puttin a body kit on it instead of just puttin a lip kit on.

Don’t worry not everyone is into kits. I’m laughed at just for driving a 20 year old four door in my parts. Looks clean though so let em hate. I can only dream of nice paint.

Anyways on topic a buddy had those and complained of the same issue said he’d never buy again but they do look good

Lsvtecteg10, shoot me an email when you can. integracosmin@gmail.com


thanks for the reply to my original post! They dont look bad, it gives me a better idea of how it will look on my car.

^that is one riced out da :frowning: I hope you built it in the 90’s

To each their own. I think it looks nice for what is done to it.