pic request for ls valve cover

there are 2 holes (one on distributor side,other on tbelt side) they are in middle of valves. well basically the distributor side hole was clogged up with oil crud and the other one was fine. i thought it was a screw so i always left it there. but i cleared it out with a screwdriver. and after my oil change and clearing that hole out, the car drives a lot better.

what are those holes for? im thinking oil/air passage its hard w/o a pic so if anyone has a pic of the head w/ valvecover off send it to me


Just adjusted my valves earlier and actually thought about taking a digital pic of it without a cover but I didn’t. But it’s still fresh in my brain. Are you talking about the screw hole in the middle? I think you’re missing some screws in your valve cover. There should be a cap like screw and a round rubber under it in those 2 holes I think,they look like the screws that holds the valve cover on the sides. I’m not sure but I think that its just there to hold the valve cover in place.