pic request: ls meshies (different styles)

im looking for pics of different things that have been done with meshies(polished lip, painted black, ect…). i just bought some and im looking at striping the paint re-painting them.

ps, i’ve searched and haven’t found anything but old threads with little red x’s.


i would suggest bronze with polished lip. similar to these:

hmm… the black w/polished lip looks pretty good. thanks for the pics.

i like the bronze w/polished lip but it would look bad with the color of my car(captive blue).

paint 'em white. it’d be different. and i think white would look good contrasting with captiva blue.

look for a picture of my car. i got gold ls wheels with a polished lip


Black with red anodized lip


ooo hotness :salute: . anyone have good pics of black w/polished lip?

“hammered finish”

mine used to be black with a polished lip so heres a pic