Pic Request: Sedans with front lips, etc.

Like it says.

Thanks in advance.


look at the premier members section, there are a few of them there that are 4 door and i think a few have lips. its all the same anyway, bumpers are the same that is.


Yeah, I’m familiar with the premier members section and know that a bumper’s a bumper. However, I have a sedan and plan on giving her a facelift in the near future. I wanted to try and see how lips/airdams looked with the overall appearance of a 4 door. I haven’t been able to find many pics of clean sedans.

Thanks FAMILY G2.

NP… Wish I could help more.

anyone else? i know you’re out there.

bumper pool

look for pictures of member VNTEC using the search function

This search function you speak of intruiges me, but . . . I’m afraid of it! :worry: I mean look at it!!! Up there, blinking red like that . . . mocking me, daring me to use it! Fuck that! I aint goin nowhere near that fucking thing!!! It gives me the heebie-jeebies(sp). :uhoh:

jk :smiley:

Member “thajazz” had/has a front lip on his 4 door which is for sale.

Check it out: http://www.g2ic.com/forums/showthread


here’s mine:

Yes i know my car is different colored, but it’s about to be painted championship or frost white. and i know the lip is hanging i just got it and i wanted to put it on really quick!!!

thanks, that’s exactly what i was looking for. anyone else?


check the first album, some pics there.

Nice! Is that your honey beige(?) sedan? Under the picture it says homemade lip. Do you know how? That looks tight.

not mine, a guy named Ryan from torontointegras.com

edit: he is on here after all. crunk’d


anyone else?