picked up some other throwback rims... all comments welcome

sup guys, just picked these wheels up yesterday, they’re 16x7 with 38 offset racing hart type c’s.

previous wheels

sprint hart cp’s

ssr type x’s

black sprint hart cp’s

mugen mr5’s


always liked type c’s… wheels look good mang!

I hope the wify likes them, it makes your Teg stand out now.:up:

looks good bro, still got the sprint harts?

hey prior, how’d u know i’m married??? or did u just guess

I recall some of your old post - I recall you having another Teg in the garage.
I like the one Teg you have better tho.
No harm…

Your a wheel whore!

no harm done, was just curious thanks guys for the positive feedbacks, keep em comin’

where u talkin’ about these old tegs (mine n wifeys ol’ tegs)

nice choice!

‘period correct’ wheels

Now that’s the other Teg that I recall. :lol:
I kind of thought it was purple, been so long that I’ve seen pics’ of it, and difficult to remember at midnight.

All those wheels look good man. SI’s are hawtt :stuck_out_tongue:

i’ve always had a thing for white sprint hart’s

looks good. type-c’s have always been one of my favorite style of wheels


I love type C’s. excelent buy:up:

thanks guys

i’ll have better pics soon