Picking New Powerplant

So i have a 1993 integra with the stock b18a.

I’m having trouble deciding the route in which i want to go. I used to have a 1991 civic with a bolt on b16 in it, and that kept me excited for a bit, but i wanted faster.

I was originally going to rebuild my motor in the teg with forged pistons, rod bolts, head studs, shot peen rods and oem rebuild the rest pretty much, but have a port and polish too, and run a t28 or t30 at about 8psi, hoping for around 230-260 whp.

Now i was also thinking about swapping in a b18c5 and doing all the bolt ons, and running it with the pretty much stock honda reliability. But will this satisfy me? I wouldnt expect it to be much faster than my old civic.

If anyone has numbers that they had and how they felt about the power that would be great. I just dont want to be unhappy with the amount but then again do not want to go overboard :stuck_out_tongue:

if you want 230-260 whp the next thing to think about is how much $$ you have, and how fast you want to go, or what you want to beat?

12’s? 13’s? 14’s?

wrx, EVO, camaro, m3??

find out what you want from the above, then the choice is clear

I’m not really looking to beat anyone, just to run in the 13’s. be reliable, and not have to be under the hood all the time. I want a turbo setup, but if i do, im going big for the amount of boost i do, i want my motor to be over kill for the amount of power ill have so that its really reliable. in other words, rods, pistons, all new bearings, rod bolts, headstuds and other stuff while running maybe 9 psi at most. Im thinking a b18c5 with good boltons and better cams would be close, but for the money to do ALL that, turbo seems better…

pick two.

now think about it:
fast and cheap-won’t be reliable
cheap and reliable-IMPOSSIBLE-won’t be fast
fast and reliable- won’t be cheap

when it comes to building a motor you can want a lot of things, but the more power you want then the more cash your gonna have to be willing to spend. You gotta pay to play

as far as a motor, i think you could build a GSR motor for boost cheaper than you can do a Type R swap to get 230+. But thats just my opinion

I’ve had a few hondas/acuras and i know the “triangle of motors” lol.

Thats why i wanted to over do my engine… fast and reliable.

I have an LS right now,not a gsr, which i would prefer for boost.

I’m leaning to rebuilding the LS the way i said i would, and turbo it… a c5 is not gonna be enough, plus these days, there the same price a turbo build would run minus tuning so, turbo is probably my choice.

I was thinking H22 too, but i dont wanna even think about bending my frame… keep her straight.

If you are looking for over the top then go with a fully built B18C5 and boost it. If you go this route then you can probably achieve your power goal. Are you going to be able to hit 230 whp with just a rebuilt LS and boost?

you can easily hit 250-280 on a non vtec LS boosting 12-13 psi, good enough for 12 second runs, 13’s on street tires.

i was gonna say c5 built and boosted and probably reach my goal is not tru.

Yea im going for pistons, maybe rods (at least shot peened), head studs, rod bolts, p&p, and intake mani. Then the other obvious things like w/p, o/p, and head gasket, bearings, cam gears, etc.

Should be fun. now to get all the rest of the parts.